2014 Tutu Fellow Samuel Mensah, the founder and CEO of Kisua, has opened his second store at the Waterfront, in Cape town, South Africa. This comes just a few months after his collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Albertina Sisulu family on their Centenary lines.  Samuel has created a business providing a quality product with a strong brand that's available anywhere in the world. Seeing as the production is done in Cape town, it seemed ideal to also open a store in the mother city. 'Kisua' means 'Well-dressed person' in Swahili.  

Sam Mensah said that a spark behind Kisua was the appropriation of African design and fashion in London, Paris and New York while not bringing any jobs, income or benefits to Africans. 

He said that while a lot of African designers are very experienced on the creativity side, it seems a lack of business know-how was hindering African design from reaching the next level, something that he intended to change with his company.  He told the Media Club South Africa, “We needed a model that still benefited from the creative abilities of African designers but took away the pain: the production, distribution, the marketing and the customer service. That’s what we do.”

With 50 per cent of their sales coming from outside Africa, their entire systems and operations must be seamless to supply these markets. Sam has been meticulous in his understanding of African fashion, and this new store serves as a proof of growth of the KISUA brand.