2014 Tutu Fellow Mokena Makeka was appointed Principal at Dalberg, and Director of the South Africa Office commencing January 2021. In his role, he will have a particular focus on the following areas: cities and urban development; the built environment and natural infrastructure; digital communities, innovation and entrepreneurship; transport and renewables; green livelihoods; forest economy; beyond smart cities and spatial and social transformation through design.

Dalberg Global Development Advisors is a strategy and policy advisory firm. Founded in 2001, it specialises in global development.

Mokena’s mandate leverages his experience as an award-winning architect, urbanist, and design theoretician and a leading voice on entrepreneurial development, design and urban strategy. In 2015, he founded House of Makeka, Africa’s first export-quality premium agave spirit company, fashion, and lifestyle brand. He is the founder of Makeka Design Lab, a design practice that deploys innovative design solutions at the urban, architectural, cultural, and installation scale.

Mokena is passionate about Africa realising her full political, economic and creative potential. You can read more about him at the Dalberg website.