Mo Ibrahim addressed the 2017 Tutu Fellows in the UK during their second workshop, covering some of the more vexing questions facing African leaders today.  The Mo Ibrahim Foundation, which he leads, was established in 2006 to improve governance and leadership in Africa. Ibrahim spoke on leadership challenges in Africa and on opportunities and challenges facing the private sector.

During his address, Ibrahim asked and spoke to three questions - is democracy essential for development; doing business ethically on a continent in which corruption is commonplace; and the value and impact of the Ibrahim Prize. Regarding democracy, the common wisdom is that regular elections and a leadership turnover is more likely to give people what they need. However, there are countries in which strong heads of state suppress freedoms, yet are making progress regarding poverty.

As far as bribery was concerned, the issue was simpler - bribes led to more bribes and anyone left out became an enemy.  Ibrahim also spoke about the prize his Foundation offers and he said that it gave outstanding leaders an opportunity to continue doing good work for Africa after leaving office.

There is more on the speech to the Fellows on the Mo Ibrahim website.

Caption: The 2017 class after the address by Mo Ibrahim.

Below: from left to right: Mo Ibrahim with AFLI CEO Jackie Chimhanzi and AFLI Founder Peter Wilson