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Fellow featured on the cover of Forbes Africa Magazine


2017 Archbishop Tutu Fellow Stacey Brewer made the cover of Forbes Africa magazine’s August 2018 issue, alongside businesswoman Phuti Mahanyele, as one of the “two faces that mean business”. The two South African businesswomen are corporate celebrities and the magazine features and applaudes them for disrupting the business and education industries.

Brewer's vision was to build a network of schools that offers affordable quality education. In the venture, called SPARK Schools, she and her co-founder mix traditional classroom learning with computer-aided learning in a model known as "blend learning"

Although she was not inspired by the possibility of high profit margins, SPARK Schools is generating sufficient income to be able to grow successfully.  It was while doing her MBA that she began understanding the scale of the challenge facing the country. "I didn’t even realize the state of education was so bad in the country," she said. "The professor was showing us how much we spend on education, and the fact that we prioritize education, but we are ranked at the bottom of the world. I just thought that it’s completely unacceptable and it just makes no sense, and that’s when I did my thesis on it.” Out of that research was borne the idea for SPARK Schools. 

The schools’ model of education has won many parents over, affording the organisation the ability to extend its reach. Recently, SPARK Schools announced that SPARK Springs will be opening in January 2019, and will be the 19th school in the SPARK Schools network. Brewer has plans to open another six next year.  They currently teach about 7,000 children and employ more than 750 staff.

You can read the full story at Forbes Africa.

Watch Stacey and Phuti behind the scenes of their Forbes cover shoot:

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