Adebola Williams, 2018 Tutu Fellow and Media Entrepreneur, Journalist, Political Activist and co-founder and Group CEO of Red, has launched the Beating Corona website. This comprehensive and accessible website details information on what organizations, brands, groups, corporations, and individuals are doing to assist in the fight against Covid-19 in Nigeria.

Through the website you can access information according to region, resources and organisations and centres distributing resources as well as up to date information on interventions and donations nationwide.

The directory site provides a way to narrow down a search for items if you are in need, or how to donate if you want to help. It also provides short snippets of information and links, for example funding released by the Central Bank in stimulus packages to support households, small businesses, etc. 

It is broken up into sections that include Interventions, Medical Needs, Insights (news), and Enterprise.  Interventions breaks down organisations that have made donations to fight the coronavirus pandemic and where that donation is being used.  Medical Needs provides a space to equip Covid-19 treatment and isolation centres in Nigeria.  And the Enterprise section is a space for funders, investors, non-profit organisations, or corporate brands to streamline efforts and improve the success of their interventions and social investments.

Beating Corona was established by The Future Project in partnership with YNaija and Culture Intelligence.  It seeks to gather data of all COVID-19 interventions. Naija Relief Base is collaborating with BeatingCorona to provide information on Lagos based interventions.

Visit the site at Beating Corona.