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Fellow launches crowdsourced online maths learning program


2018 Fellow Edzai Zvobwo, has launched an individual social responsibility (ISR) program to promote crowd-sourced mathematics knowledge and activity. Through his company, MathsGee, he launched a maths question & answer community forum that serves as a platform for interested individuals to assist learners who will be asking questions.
Edzai, who is the founder of the MathsGenius Leadership Institute, believes that not enough is being done to harness the mathematical knowledge that has been acquired by South African residents. He says there is a vast pool of individuals who have the capacity to complement government’s efforts in trying to redress past ills and providing the country with much-needed mathematically savvy graduates. He also believes that this model will help South Africa overcome the maths skills shortfall and become a worthy competitor with the rest of the world.  
The ISR program also seeks to promote an active citizenry by changing the narrative that the ordinary individual is merely a spectator who expects institutions to make the change on his or her behalf, without personally doing something about it. This means that, within the South African context, the crowd-sourced mathematical activity by individuals should not be limited to formal and/or informal research, but should also include dissemination of positive mathematical information that demystifies the subject, voluntary tutoring of learners in communities, funds, services and material donations towards maths education – further empowering the idea that all citizens have a part to play in ensuring that education is accessible and relevant to that specific community. It indeed, takes a village.
“It does not take a mathematically literate person to contribute, but just willpower and a definiteness of purpose from every individual.” 
-      Edzai Zvobwo
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Wednesday, 03 June 2020

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