Award-winning journalist John-Allen Namu's production company has released a new documentary series, Bitter Harvest. The 2017 Tutu Fellow examines the growing negative impact of pesticides on food being grown in Kenya.

Released on World Food Day, the series notes that importation of agrochemicals increased by 144% over the course of the past four years into Kenya.  Many of these are pesticides and herbicides linked to cancer and being used by small-scale farmers. Additionally, protective gear is frequently not used and workers are dying from exposure to these products.

The series is broken into three chapters.

They are: The Humble Tomato and the Politics of Pesticides; You Reap What you Sow: Organic Farming vs Industrial Farming; and, You Are What you Eat: Understanding the Impact of Industrial Chemical Use. All three can be seen at the Africa Uncensored site.  The second chapter in particular looks at the differences between industrial and organic practices and profitability.

The first can be watched here. The others are also accessible on Africa Uncensored's YouTube Channel.