Chinese immigrants in Africa - a mirror for bilateral trade relations?

 Tutu Fellow Jacqueline Musiitwa has written an article for This is Africa in which she examines the role of Chinese immigrants in Africa.  In partnership with Hangwei Li, the article looks at what Chinese immigrants are doing in the face of the global slowdown.  Chinese migration to Africa swelled during the boom years when China was undergoing rapid expansion. 

Her research indicates that there are approximately a million Chinese immigrants working and living in Africa.  China is also the continent's largest trading partner and has been since 2009. 

As a result of these linkages, China and Africa are now closely tied economically.  Musiitwa points out, for example, that a one percent decrease in China's investment growth is associated with an average 0.6 percent decrease in Africa's export growth rate. In 2015, there was an 18.3% decline in bilateral trade.

Musiitwa looks at the benefits to the continent's economy, as well as its negatives, such as the labour rights violations that have occurred and the level of integration of Chinese immigrants to Africa.  For the entire article, visit the This is Africa site.