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Fellow coordinating malaria vaccine trial in Equatorial Guinea


Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, is playing an important role in the world of malaria research for an island roughly half the size of Rhode Island. It has been the home of the acclaimed Bioko Island Malaria Control Project (BIMCP) since 2004, and the Equatoguinean Malaria Vaccine Initiative (EGMVI) since 2014.  Both are being coordinated by Mitoha Ondo’o Ayekaba, a 2017 Tutu Fellow.

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Managing stakeholders in a traditional African setting


2008 Tutu Fellow Siza Majola makes the case in an essay written for African Business that stakeholder relationships could be managed in an African manner using practices from the Bafokeng.  They survived the negative effects of colonialism and apartheid and have emerged into the 21st century with a brighter future as the owners of vast mineral-rich land holdings.

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Perfectionism, Power and Vulnerability


When puberty hit, so did acne. I had really bad skin and it made me feel ugly. As I grew older, I learnt to cover it up with makeup. I did not go anywhere without make up on. I still have bad skin, but at least now I am prepared to go to the gym without any makeup on, a small victory.

Being a leader and having influence often involves taking face-saving measures, in order to give the appearance of strength.

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Fellows in 100 Most Influential Africans of 2017 list


New African Magazine has published its list of the 100 Most Influential Africans of 2017.  Two Tutu Fellows are on the list, both from the class of 2012. They are Julie Gichuru and James Mworia. New African magazine says that among the people on their list there is a deaf, blind Harvard University law graduate activist, an attitude-changing teen dance troop from a Ugandan slum, a Mauritanian modern day slavery abolitionist hero and renowned business magnates, political heavyweights and showbiz stars. 

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On the air and Talking To Africa


2017 Tutu Fellow Mimi Kalinda has launched a new radio show called Talking To Africa on Africa Business Radio.  Broadcasting weekly on Wednesdays in the afternoons, Mimi discusses with guests the narrative of Africa.

She asks questions such as what is the current narrative, who shapes it, how does it impact the continent’s development and what can be done to ensure Africans own their own storytelling tools and platforms.

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Accountability for democracy in Africa


In an essay in African Business, 2014 Tutu Fellow Linda Kasonde says that the role of governments is to manage institutions that promote development, good governance and the rule of law, while making efforts to empower their citizens and increase their role in the governance of the country. This is not only because that is in line with modern trends, but also because it is necessary in any country aspiring to attain the highest standards of economic development, democracy and good governance.  She makes the point that without the rule of law in democratic governance, Africa risks seeing the sun set on gains made through democracy on the continent.

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Lifting Africa's economy through aviation


2010 Tutu Fellow Eric Kacou has joined forces with Hassan El-Houry to write a book on some of the difficulties facing aviation in Africa and how it could revitalise African economies.  Titled Fly Africa: How Aviation Can Generate Prosperity Across the Continent, the book highlights how aviation could become one of Africa’s greatest strengths, underpin its economic growth and connect it with the rest of the world. Africa’s aviation industry currently trails much of the world, and although Africans make up 12% of the world’s population, they are only 2% of its flying passengers.

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Tutu Fellow a Tallberg Foundation 2017 Global Leader


2010 Tutu Fellow Bright Simons is one of four people selected by the Tallberg Foundation as a 2017 Tallberg Global Leadership laureate. The Tallberg Foundation was founded in 1981 to address the systemic challenges resulting from an increasingly globalised world.  The foundation described Bright Simons as the founder of mPedigree and a technologist and social innovator from Ghana known for his combination of business with social activism and knowledge-driven public advocacy for improved governance at multiple levels of society.

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New children's books from Tutu Fellow


2012 Tutu Fellow Swaady Martin has published a children's book titled Malaika and the Angel.  The book series is a collection of spiritual tales, suitable for children of all ages, from five onwards. For younger children, beautiful watercolor illustrations are the gateway to the stories that parents can use to their own imagination. The title character, Malaika, is a normal young girl who is open to the reality of the spiritual world. When Rafiki, her guardian angel, makes its presence known, she is bursting with questions. The stories provide a memorable trip with Rafiki, where Malaika is introduced to new experiences that will change her life forever.

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Media statement condemning slavery in Libya


Statement on the great stain of slavery in Libya from the Archbishop Tutu Fellows to African Heads of State; the international private sector civil society; and, multilateral organisations.

Your Excellencies; leaders of private sector and civil society organisations; policy makers at the United Nations and the African Union; and, fellow Africans, slavery in Libya is a crime against humanity and immediate action is required by all stakeholders, including African governments, to put an end to this outrageous practice and hold responsible parties accountable.

There are three Great Stains on humanity; War, Genocide and Slavery.

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Change comes to Zimbabwe


For millions in Zimbabwe born since liberation, the ZANU-PF government led by 93-year-old Robert Mugabe is the only government they have known. So the removal of President Mugabe from power by the military this month has been a watershed moment.  With long-time government insider Emmerson Mnangagwa now the new President, Zimbabwe is wondering if the country will continue the trajectory it has held under ZANU-PF, or if the country will chart a new positive course. 

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Those who remember our past are condemned to repeat it


The second essay written by the 2017 Tutu Fellows we are publishing is a brilliantly written piece by Rori Tshabalala. Rori posits that in spite of a checkered and painful past, Africa still preserves its history not as a past to be learnt from but as a persistent present to be tolerated, reinforced, normalized and passed on to future generations. He suggests that rather than repeating and emotionalising the past we need to summon the courage to learn the painful history but equip the people with the skills and knowledge to capture the promise and potential of the future so they may never suffer the humiliation that their forebears suffered.

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Fortune recognises Fellow as a Global Leader


2017 Tutu Fellow Hema Vallabh has been recognised at this year's Fortune: Most Powerful Women in Business for 2017 and presented with the Fortune/Goldman Sachs Global Leader's Award. The event took place in Washington, DC on 10 October.  Fortune's Most Powerful Woman founder Pattie Sellers presented her with the award. 

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Forbes recognises Fellow for gender equality


This year, the excesses of gender inequality has rocked Fox News, Uber, and the Weinstein Company, in which powerful men have taken advantage of women or created workplaces hostile to gender equality.  So for Forbes to feature 2014 Tutu Fellow Samuel Mensah - along with three other men in South Africa - a country hardly known for gender equality in business, says something of their credibilty.  Mensah is the co-founder of the leading African fashion brand, Kisua.

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2017 Tutu Fellowship Programme Review


A final celebratory dinner hosted by Investec in their London offices on 15th September brought to an end a six-month tumultuous journey of learning, of exploration, of self-reflection and establishing bonds of friendship and collaboration amongst 28 of Africa’s highest-potential emerging leaders, that will pertain across thousands of kilometres and for many many years. The Tutu Fellowship awards were presented at the dinner to those who had met the exacting standards required by the Fellowship and the 2017 class of newly-awarded Tutu Fellows dispersed to fulfil their potential and commitment as young leaders to make Africa a better place for all to live in.

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