A team of the 2016 Fellows has put together a powerful video in which they look at Africa today and where it may be headed. The group comprises Sureka Asbury, Peter Biar Ajak, Raqiya Yusuf Ibrahim, Andre Hilton Ross, Tshepo Ditshengo, Dorothy Ghettuba, Cumeshan Moodliar and Rinos Mautsa.

They argue that Africa's current relative well-being rests on China's growth, but that corruption and weak governmental institutions prevent the continent from reaching its full potential. In their exposition, which pulls no punches, they outline three scenarios.

Each offers a different direction in which Africa could be headed.  The question they pose at the end is personal: how could the leadership embodied by Tutu Fellows positively impact the trajectory in which the continent travels? 

The video was directed by Dorothy and scripted by Tshepo with some outside help with editing and the voice-over.  Due to copyright restrictions on some of the material used in the video, this video is available only to Fellows and can be viewed in the Discussion Forum. Fellows are reminded to Log In, then click through to the link.