The first workshop of the 2018 Archbishop Tutu Leadership Programme was held at the Mont Fleur Conference Centre from the 21st to the 28th of April. The 27 Fellowship candidates came from some 300 nominees of outstanding excellence from over 30 African countries, and represented nine African countries - Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Rwanda, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Egypt.  

The Associates convened in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, where the beautiful and serene mountainous landscape served as the perfect backdrop to inspire deep, uninterrupted reflections.

With the emphasis on learning and experiencing, not teaching, the programme offered a variety of formal and innovative learning opportunities. By design, the intensive leadership learning activities also provided a basis for self-reflection and time to interact and develop life-long bonds and friendships amongst the Associates. Emphasis was placed on peer interaction and feedback, and the participants valued being able to share pan-African perspectives and experiences.

The candidates were encouraged and allowed the space to reflect on the leadership challenges of Africa through conversations and interactions with renowned African business, civil society and political leaders as well as Tutu Fellows from previous cohorts -  Andre Ross, Mokena Makeka, Craig Wing, Rachel Adams and Ronnie Ntuli, who also chairs AFLI's South Africa Board.

The gallery below captures the Mont Fleur experience, through the eyes of the Associates who captured some happy memories of their time together.  At present, the journey continues as the Associates prepare for the second workshop at Oxford University and in London in September.  They must complete an essay on as aspect of leadership in Africa, a community project and, in groups, The Future of Africa scenarios. We wish them well!