We are often asked what impact the African Leadership Institute and the Tutu Fellowship Programme are having on the development of Africa. Measurement of the success of leadership programmes is extremely difficult.


One way to measure our impact is to review the achievements, actions and influence of the Tutu Fellows themselves. This is a list of just some of the outstanding achievements and actions of Tutu Fellows in 2015, as well as actions and papers promoting good leadership on the continent, for example:

AFLI’s vision is to build a critical mass of visionary, strategic, self-aware and ethical leaders across the continent who together become the catalysts for change and transformation of Africa. Clearly the people who are selected for the Fellowship already have strong leadership capabilities. All we can hope is that through the learning and experiences of the programme, we can hone or nurture their leadership capabilities, and offer them a set of values and a platform upon which they can build their leadership.

Another measure of the success of the programme is through the quality of the programme inputs and the value that the Fellows ascribe to their learning experience, which can be measured. Again in 2015, the general consensus was that it was an amazing leadership learning opportunity and a life-changing experience. We are not only delivering world class programmes, but also attracting Africa’s finest young leaders and nurturing and equipping them with the insights, experiences and tools to tackle the complex challenges of high level African leadership in a globalised world.  Additionally, as the programme continues, the number of Fellows - and the network - grows, in itself a valuable resource for the continent.

We are confident 2016 will bring yet another set of outstanding achievements by the growing family of Tutu Fellows, and a life-changing experience for the 2016 class of Tutu Fellows.