Project Pakati seeks to harness the collective influence of Africa’s young leaders to drive change on the continent by collaborating on two projects. The first project is the Youth Representation and Inclusion Project and the second is a Directory of African Youth-Led and Youth-Serving Organizations.

Youth Representation & Inclusion Project

In the first project, some history, first.  The African Youth Charter, signed in 2006, sought to ensure the constructive involvement of youth in the development agenda of Africa and their effective participation in deliberations and decision-making processes. Nonetheless, young people remain marginalized in decision-making structures despite being the largest demographic on the continent. The Youth Representation Project seeks to understand the current status of the implementation of the Charter amongst African Union member states. In particular, it is trying to ascertain what the youth quotas are as a basis for supporting greater uptake. The project also seeks to advocate for structures in the public sector that would absorb young leaders to play more meaningful roles and contribute to shaping policies at national, regional and pan-African levels.

Directory of African Youth-Led and Youth-Serving Organizations

In the second project in which AFLI's Pakati is active, it is seeking to improve the impact that youth-led organisations can have. 

Youth-led organizations are run and staffed by young people, and their members are all young people. Whilst youth-led/serving organizations are important as they ignite active citizenry, civic duty, and volunteerism at the community levels, several challenges exist. Firstly, they are poorly funded, and funding organisations often struggle to identify youth-led and serving organizations at a grassroots level to fund. Secondly, youth-led/serving organizations do not leverage lessons learned from other, similar organizations. Finally, governments do not acknowledge these organizations and young people for the role they play towards economic and nation-building.

To overcome these barriers, AFLI has created a directory for youth led and youth serving organisations, so they can find each other, be found by potential funding organisations, and be found by the various audiences they serve.

In response to the above challenges, the portal of African youth-led and Youth Serving organization project is intended to achieve the following:

  • Profiling youth-led/serving organizations to make them discoverable by potential funders and donors.
  • Recognizing youth-led/serving organizations for their work and efforts. The role of young people in building African economies is generally not acknowledged.
  • Providing data to the African Union & other institutions which have placed African youth at the center of their strategies.
  • Encouraging more young people to be engaged and exercise their agency. There are many young people who want to volunteer but do not know where to start.
  • Facilitating connections between youth-led/serving organizations - in the same country or across different African countries - so they can share experiences and learn.

Much of the work being done to accomplish these goals is being done on the Pakati Workplace platform, which has served as the workspace to set up the directory, beta test it and see it go live.  Youth organisations can register and submit a directory entry for free here on the AFLI site.



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