Olamide AinaOlamide 'Kola' Aina



Occupational Information

Occupation: Venture capital

Occupational Position: General Partner at Ventures Platform

Professional History

Olamide Aina is an entrepreneur, technology operator and investor with considerable experience working in Africa’s largest economic market. His prior entrepreneurial experience spans several sectors including venture capital, technology, media, agriculture, infrastructure, publishing and real estate.  He is the General Partner at the early stage African venture capital firm Ventures Platform, where he has led investments in about 30 innovative-category-leading companies, including payments company Paystack; connectivity company Tizeti; healthcare company MDaaS and the agric-tech company Thrive Agric. Ventures Platform is a VC fund that provides founder-friendly capital and support to early stage companies. Other ecosystem interventions, research and social impact initiatives are deployed through the Ventures Platform Foundation.

Olamide - who goes by the name  Kola - is also the Chairman of the Board of Ventures Park – an artsy co-working space and innovation campus. Kola also founded the enterprise technology company Emerging Platforms Limited nine years ago, quickly growing it to become one of the leading technology service delivery companies. Kola is a leader in the African technology, startup and investing ecosystem, a TED speaker, and volunteers his time advising founders, and speaking at events. He serves on the Nigerian Presidential Committee for Job Creation and Youth Employment.


BSc from Savanah State University, Georgia, USA
MBA from Bowling Green State University, USA
Senior executive programs at Harvard Business School; UC Berkeley's Center for Law, Business and the Economy; and, Lagos Business School.


2020 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow


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