Yasmin Amri SuedYasmin Amri-Sued



Occupational Information

Occupation: Diplomat

Occupational Position: Rwandan Ambassador to South Korea

Professional History

Yasmin Amri-Sued is the Rwandan Ambassador to South Korea. Prior to her posting to Korea, she spent four years in Dubai where she helped start the new diplomatic mission there. She contributed to strengthening exchanges amongst people, organizations and government authorities from both countries, and most importantly, provided services to Rwandan citizens across the Northern emirates. She consistently bridged the gap between the private and public sectors and created opportunities for joint cooperation when needed.

Prior to her work within government, Yasmin served as a local consultant responsible for empowering local chambers of commerce across the Rwanda by creating programs to decentralise control to local decision-makers. A marketer at heart, Yasmin was head of marketing for Tigo Rwanda and was Founder and CEO of Dalila, a public relations agency that featured some of the largest brands in Rwanda. Throughout her 10+ years of work in the private sector, Yasmin’s unique traits were her incredible ability to bridge the gap between individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds as well as the urban/rural divide, while tailoring solutions to meet the needs of different stakeholders.


Bachelor of Economics from the Free University of Brussels


2020 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow