About the 2020 Associates

The African Leadership Institute selects exceptional emerging African leaders for the prestigious Tutu Leadership Fellowship annually.  Typically, it receives more than 300 nominations for the approximately 20 or so slots available each year, from which the cohort is selected. The candidates demonstrate the incredible wealth and breadth of leadership talent that exists in Africa’s young leaders, which bodes well for Africa’s future. Since AFLI has been developing leaders for more than a decade, so it is impossible to list all of them on one page.  To find a Tutu Fellow, Tutu Leadership Programme Associate, or a group of Fellows, please use the search tool at the top of the site.  You can search by year, name, a location, a field of expertise or any other area of specialization or interest.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Class of 2020

It is clear that we are living in exceptional and unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our ways of working and interacting and, naturally, we have also been impacted, as AFLI.  When the effects of the pandemic were starting to be felt in March 2020, we had just completed the process of selecting our 2020 Archbishop Tutu Leadership Associates.  The rapid spread of the disease globally that resulted in draconian measures to limit contact between people, travel bans and quarantining of travelers when they reach their destination, made the logistics for our leadership workshops in Cape Town in April and at Oxford University and in London in September very complicated, not only for Associates, but also for faculty and speakers. To that end, the AFLI COVID-19 Board Sub-Committee took the decision to postpone the 2020 Class to 2021. The option of virtual workshops was explored but decided against. The Tutu Programme has gained its reputation as the foremost leadership programme on the continent for emerging leaders, partly due to its design. It is designed to be an intimate, quality experience of 25 participants, and the programme is predicated on the personal interactions and the deep bonds that the Fellows forge amongst themselves. A virtual programme would have reduced the leadership experiential learning to a mere leadership class. The implication of the 2020 Class being deferred to 2021 means that AFLI will not be opening the nomination process in October 2020. Effectively, we will only be opening nominations again in October 2021 for the 2022 Class but will only know for certain as we continue to monitor the pandemic. We thank you for your support and interest in the work that we do.


Aminata_WurieAminata Wurie

Sierra Leone


Boniface_MwangiBoniface Mwangi



Dalumuzi MhlangaDalumuzi Mhlanga



Dana_MopulungaDana Mopulunga

DRC & South Africa

Diaka CamaraDiaka Camara



Eric_IdiahiEric Idiahi



Josea RonoJosea Rono PhD



Kader_KaneyeKader Kaneye



Khadeeja BassierKhadeeja Bassier

South Africa


Ladislao NdongLadislao Ndong

Equatorial Guinea


Maimouna DiakhabyMaimouna Diakhaby



MayurPatelMayur Patel PhD



NatalieFotiNatalie Foti



Olamide AinaOlamide 'Kola' Aina



Olubankole_WellingtonOlubankole Wellington