LynetteNtuli200pxLynette Ntuli

South Africa



Occupational Information

Occupation: Business Executive

Position: Chief Executive Officer, Innate Investment Solutions

Professional History

Lynette Ntuli is the Founding Director and CEO of Innate Investment Solutions, a professional services firm in the built environment that provides property and infrastructure development services and enterprise asset management solutions.  Lynette has experience in asset and infrastructure planning; management and development; and the built environment; providing holistic development solutions in Sub Saharan Africa. Lynette has been well profiled in South Africa and across the continent for executive positions she held at a relatively young age. She has received multiple media and industry awards in recognition of her contributions to business, social impact, and leadership.

Passionate about youth development and leadership, Lynette is a Founding Director and Chairman of, a national youth oriented platform which curates content and programmes in Education, Skills and Entrepreneurial Development. A recognised professional speaker, Lynette is actively involved at an executive and member level within various gender advocacy, youth lead and industry organisations in South Africa. She is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and Founding Curator; was listed among the St Gallen Symposium 2014 Top 200 Leaders of Tomorrow; is a member of the African Leadership Network; and is the prior Interim Chair of the Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs in the SADC. She currently serves as a non-executive director of several other entities including Liberty Two Degrees, a JSE listed REIT and the Durban International Convention Centre.


PDP (University of Cape Town)
ASCLC (University of Pretoria)
CSCM (University of Pretoria)
BComm (University of South Africa)


2018 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow
2014 Mandela Washington Fellow