LynetteNtuli200pxLynette Ntuli

South Africa



Occupational Information

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer, Innate Investment Solutions

Professional History

Lynette Ntuli has gathered diverse experiences in asset and property planning, management, and infrastructure development. Her long term exposure to the built environment, accompanied by her articulation of economic and market insights into high impact socio-economic solutions, is an asset in supporting holistic development solutions in Sub Saharan Africa. She holds post-graduate property specific qualifications from the University of Pretoria and the University of Cape Town GSB and sits on the boards and working groups of various listed, unlisted, and industry organizations.

Her experience extends to the use of the organizational capacity within the private and public sector to facilitate activity within the priority sectors of the economy, with a focus on understanding spatial and public planning and development policy, asset management frameworks as well as audit and compliance processes.

A multiple industries and business award recipient, business thought-leader, and strategist, Ntuli is passionate about socio-economic empowerment and development, gender, diverse cultures, and leadership and drives various initiatives in the Education, Entrepreneurial, and Skills Development in Sub-Saharan Africa on social impact platforms her organization curates and manages.


PDP (University of Cape Town)
ASCLC (University of Pretoria)
CSCM (University of Pretoria)
BComm (University of South Africa)


2018 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow

Additional Tags: Management, Infrastructure Development, Education, Entrepreneurial, Skills Development