Hassanatu MansarayHassanatu Mansaray PhD

Sierra Leone



Occupational Information

Occupation: Development Policy

Position: Senior Policy Specialist, African Development Bank

Professional History

Hassanatu Mansaray is a Senior Policy Specialist at the African Development Bank (AfDB). She is actively involved in the preparation of the AfDB’s operational policies, strategies and sustainable development initiatives in Africa, enabling her to contribute to sustainable and transformative development in Africa. Prior to that, Hassanatu was an Investment and Business Development Officer within the AfDB’s Private Sector Development Department, tasked with forging strategic business partnerships; identifying new lending opportunities; and structuring and executing  private sector operations in Africa.

Before joining the AfDB, Hassanatu was a research scientist involved in research within academia, governments, and the pharmaceutical and petroleum industry. Outside of her work in science and international development, Hassanatu is passionately committed to female empowerment and leadership in her home country of Sierra Leone. As the co-founder of Women in Science, Technology and Innovation (WoSTI), she mentors and provides support to girls and young women to help them succeed academically and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).


Masters in Chemistry from the University of Manchester
PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Oxford University


2018 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow