BabalwaNonkengeBabalwa Nonkenge

South Africa



Occupational Information

Job Title: Financial services professional, Founder of Epokothweni, Consultant

Professional History

Babalwa Nonkenge is a seasoned business leader whose tenure of twenty years spans the areas of taxation, asset management, and banking. She has a proven track record in servicing the needs of institutional and retail clients. Her most recent assignments in banking include global markets in the role of Chief of Staff. In retail- retail banking, she was responsible for running an unsecured credit book. In the latter capacity, she was the executive responsible for the successful sale of the book in a noteworthy M&A transaction concluded in January 2020. Babalwa has an MBA from the University of Cape Town and is a founder of the podcast and educational platform Epokothweni with Babalwa.

Epokothweni was birthed out of the need to give the speakers of indigenous African languages the dignity of accessing knowledge of financial markets, economics, and personal finance content in their mother tongue. Babalwa is a native speaker of isiXhosa, this is the main language she uses to deliver her podcast. Her ultimate dream is to give all speakers of South African indigenous languages access to knowledge of personal finance content in an accessible manner.

She has been selected to participate in senior leadership development programs such as Masedi Excellence for Senior Women Leaders (2017) and Lead with Humanity (2020).


MBA from the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business


2018 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow

 Additional Tags: Business, Banking, Retailer, Global Markets, Asset Management, Financial Services, Consultant, Entrepreneur