Emile MalanDr Emile Malan

South Africa


Occupational Information

Job Title: Co-founder & CEO at Vicore Ltd.

Professional History

Dr  Emile Malan is the Co-founder & CEO at Vicore Ltd. Vicore Health is a pharmaceutical-industry service and technology provider specializing in Pharmacovigilance, Governance, Regulatory, and Medical Affairs solutions. 

Emile has worked in the medical and pharmaceutical industry for the past 15 years and practiced medicine in South Africa and the United Kingdom before joining Pfizer in the UK and later GSK Africa and Developing Countries. He has worked on the clinical and commercial side of major healthcare organizations and has experience establishing centralized service hubs in the pharmaceutical industry.


BBChB from the University of Pretoria
MBA from Kingston University, London
Post Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership from NHS Focus, Exeter


2016 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow

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