About the 2012 Fellows

The African Leadership Institute has been developing leaders for more than a decade, so it is impossible to list all its Fellows on one page.  To find a Fellow or a group of Fellows, please use the search tool at the top of the site.  You can search by year, name, a location, a field of expertise or any other area of specialisation or interest.

Mark MillerMark Miller

South Africa


Dr Matthews MtumbukaMatthews Mtumbuka



MemaBeyeMema A B Beye

Bamako, Mali (Reside in Houston, TX, USA)


Ndumiso LuthuliNdumiso Luthuli

South Africa


Ogejuma EmmanuelOgejuma Emmanuel

Lagos, Nigeria


Swaady MartinSwaady Martin

South Africa, Johannesburg African countries of origin: Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea


Tatenda ManjengwaTatenda Manjengwa



VincentBagiireVincent Waiswa Bagiire




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