MemaBeyeMema A B Beye

Bamako, Mali (Reside in Houston, TX, USA)


Occupational Information

Occupation: Oil & Gas

Occupational Position: International Business Development


As member of several Boards of non-profit organizations in education and economic development in Africa. I have dedicated my time to informing Africans citizens on the policies and ideas for the contintent's socio-economic development; challenging current frameworks; and implementing solutions which will help create wealth, lift the spirit of young Africans and improve the continent.

Professional History

An Afro-optimist, a global citizen, and a Malian, I am a self-starter, and a multilingual business development professional with experience in deal-making; the development of investment frameworks for natural resources projects; and the assessment of policies and regulations for the optimization of long term investments. My love for Africa and pride of its heritage led me very early in my career to focus on the continent, leaving to return to work in all of its regions and sharing my experiences and knowledge with Africa's vibrant youth.


MA In International Business Relations- The Fletcher School of law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.


2012 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow