Lydie Hakizimana KalisaLydie Hakizimana Kalisa

Kigali, Rwanda


Occupational Information

Occupation: Education and Economic development

Occupational Position: Owner, co-founder and Managing Director of Drakkar Limited

Professional History

Lydia has 5 years of business consulting drawn from active practice in different industry with specific reference to marketing and customer needs analysis. They say that success comes from following your passion, and that certainly seems to be true for Lydie Hakizimana. As an avid reader, she soon found her home filled with books she had picked up from her travels. She was busy during the day, but she was free in the evenings and so she decided to open a small used bookshop in 2006. Today, Drakkar Ltd represents UK publisher Pearson, the global leader in educational publishing, in Rwanda. Prior to joining Drakkar Ltd, Ms Hakizimana worked for OTF Group, a Boston-based consulting firm working in Rwanda. Her area of expertise was the Timber Industry in Gabon and the Hides & Skins Industry of Rwanda. Ms Hakizimana has been elected as the 2011 National President of Junior Chamber International Rwanda. She also sits in the board of directors of the Private Sector Federation as the President of the Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs.


BBA in Marketing from the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology.


2012 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow