Joseph SenonaJoseph Senona

South Africa


Occupational Information

Job Title: Data Scientist at Vodacom, PDBA Candidate GIBS

Professional History

Joseph is a Data Scientist at Vodacom. After his Law studies, John joined the Constitutional Court of SA working as a legal researcher in the area of human rights, Democracy, and Rule of Law. After completing his studies he relocated to Geneva, Switzerland to work at South Center and the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Countries (ACP) Secretariat respectively. His work in these IGOs focused on WTO trade negotiations, Regional Trade Agreements, South-South Cooperation, and policy advocacy in support of trade for development. Upon his return from Geneva, he served as a home-based diplomat at the then Department of Foreign Affairs of SA. An avid writer; Joseph has, among others, published the following articles: Trade policy and MDG 8: Beyond Rhetoric, towards Multilateral Cooperation (2008, Journal of Word Trade and Investment,); Analyzing Special and Differential Treatment Negotiations in the WTO from Doha to Post Hong Kong: Can Poor People Still Benefit? (2008, Journal of World Trade); EPAs and WTO Doha Round: Development or Discontent (April 2009, Journal of International Trade Law and Policy).


Law degree in 2002 LLM International Trade
Investment Law in Africa at the University of Western Cape.


2011 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow

 Additional Tags: LLM International Trade, Investment Law


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