Victor OchenVictor Ochen



Occupational Information

Job Title: Founder and Executive Director of the African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET)

Professional History

Mr. Victor Ochen is the Founder and Executive Director of the African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET). Born in northern Uganda, he spent 21 years as a refugee and transformed his experiences into leading the anti-child soldiers’ recruitment campaign amidst the war in northern Uganda. He is one of the most important figures in Africa in the struggle for human rights and justice. Forbes Magazines named Ochen in 2015 as one of the 10 most powerful men in Africa, while Archbishop Desmond Tutu attested that “my heart swells with joy to see Victor as one of the new hope for Africa”.

Through his initiative of societal healing and social transformation, he has provided reconstructive medical rehabilitation to 21,000+ war victims. Victor’s life, work, and worldview are based on these principles of peace, morality, and common humanity. He was appointed as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors for Peace and Justice representing SDG Goal 16. Victor is also a member of the Global Advisory group to the UNHCR on Gender, Forced Displacement, and Protection. He is the first Ugandan and the youngest ever African nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2015.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Leadership and Development Studies from the World University of Leadership


2011 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow

 Additional Tags: Leadership and Development, Recruitment, Societal Healing, Social Transformation, Medical Rehabilitation, Humanity, Justice