Christiaan NdoroChristiaan Ndoro



Occupational Information

Occupation: Professional field

Occupational Position: Business Development Manager at the MSA Group

Professional History

Christiaan Ndoro trained as engineer but has worked in corporate strategy for most of his career. He is currently employed at MSA,a specialist consulting and contracting company in the resources industry. His role is to provide strategic leadership to the growth of the company by developing and implementing a customer focused growth strategy that will see MSA becoming a dominant player on the African continent. Prior to joining MSA, Christiaan worked in supply chain, market, corporate and operational strategy for several of the big companies including The Monitor Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Having worked in many industries, he has acquired a diverse, cross-disciplinary skill set. As a business strategist, he worked for regional and global companies in supply chain, market, corporate and operational strategy. He has also been an advisor at the highest offices in government in diverse areas as Finance, Tourism and Transportation. He has also worked as an entrepreneur and has developed commercially successful products in the information technology sector. Earlier in his career, Christian worked in mechanical engineering design and undertook extensive advance modelling and simulations for global manufacturing companies.


2010 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow