Thabang SkwambaneThabang Skwambane

Johannesburg, South Africa


Occupational Information

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Occupational Position: Chairman and Founder of The Lonely Road Foundation Managing Director at FCB Joburg


2009/2010 Dipaleseng Outreach Testing Campaign funded by USAID/PEPFAR

Professional History

Thabang Skwambane is a banking veteran with 10 years banking experience in multiple jurisdictions including South Africa, Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Thabang left banking in 2006 to become a social entrepreneur by co-founding a healthcare company, Kaelo, that focused on HIV and AIDS and Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle. Today, Kaelo Healthcare employs over 1000 people and provides testing and patient management services to more than a quarter of a million people a year.

In 2007 not satisfied that children in rural communities who lost their parents due to HIV were being cared for sufficiently, he founded The Lonely Road Foundation. To raise funds and awareness for the plight of Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Thabang cycled alone and unsupported 5,896 kilometres from Johannesburg in South Africa to the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and then climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. Thabang is an Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellow (2010) from the African Leadership Institute.


Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Cape Town Masters in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School of Government


2010 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow