About the 2009 Fellows

The African Leadership Institute selects exceptional emerging African leaders for the prestigious Tutu Leadership Fellowship annually.  Typically, it receives more than 300 nominations for the approximately 20 or so slots available each year, from which the cohort is selected. The candidates demonstrate the incredible wealth and breadth of leadership talent that exists in Africa’s young leaders, which bodes well for Africa’s future. Since AFLI has been developing leaders for more than a decade, so it is impossible to list all of them on one page.  To find a Tutu Fellow, Tutu Leadership Programme Associate, or a group of Fellows, please use the search tool at the top of the site.  You can search by year, name, a location, a field of expertise or any other area of specialization or interest.


Lakshman BheenickLakshman Bheenick



MadjiSockMadji Sock



Mapule KgomongoeMapule Mzimba

South Africa


Nehemiah Kyando MchechuNehemiah Mchechu



Paulino DiasPaulino Dias

Cape Verde


robin perksRobin Perks

South Africa


Sa’ida Sa’adSa’ida Sa’ad



Susan MashibeSusan Mashibe