Saul KornikSaul Kornik

South Africa


Occupational Information

Job Title: Co-Founder & CEO, Healthforce

Professional History

Saul Kornik has a varied background ranging from healthcare to technology to finance to machine learning to culture change. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of Healthforce, a health-tech company that turns nurse-led clinics into effective, specialist health centers through smart algorithms and by easily connecting them to remote doctors. Healthforce sets nurses up as the single, low-cost entry point into the healthcare system. It effectively manages workflow for disease management across multi-disciplinary teams, including providing real-time video connections between nurse clinics and higher-level clinical skills, such as GPs and specialists. The technology reduces care costs, increases access and convenience, and monitors and maintains clinical and patient-centric quality. Healthforce-supported nurses have run over one million consultations, and have completed over 85,000 telemedicine consultations with remote doctors.

Prior to Healthforce, in 2006, Saul co-founded Africa Health Placements (AHP), an organization that works to get doctors to where they are needed most and to make them effective when they are there (through improving their clinical skills, their ability to fix systems and their resilience working in tough conditions). During his time, AHP placed over 4,200 doctors who served over 34 million people, mostly in rural Africa in public service. He served as CEO of AHP until the end of 2017 and he now serves as chairman of the organization.

He is a 2013 Yale World Fellow and a 2016 Rainer Arnhold Fellow.


Bachelor of Business Science (Honours in Finance)
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours in Accounting)
Master of Commerce (Machine Learning)
Chartered Accountant (South Africa)
Chartered Financial Analyst


2008 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow

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