Bibi Bakare-YusufBibi Bakare-Yusuf PhD

Nigeria, Abuja


Occupational Information

Occupation: Publisher

Occupational Position: Founder & Publisher Cassava Republic Press

Professional History

Bibi Bakare-Yusuf is a publisher, based in Abuja, Nigeria. She started Cassava Republic Press in 2006. Her company is focused on publishing quality African writing at an affordable price. Cassava Republic is a social enterprise, driven by the dream to re-develop a reading (and writing) culture in Nigeria, as part of the bigger project of re-imagining Nigeria. She has said that stories carry great significance in culture and that narratives in books give shape to the people they represent as they find voices like their own in their country's literature. She has articulated this in a TEDx talk titled Diversifying the Voices of African Literature.

Bakare-Yusuf has won several awards for her disruptive work in publishing, including one by the International Excellence Awards 2018 in conjunction with The Publishers Association in London for Inclusivity in Publishing and the Brittle Papers African Literary Person of the Year.

Her PhD thesis explored the relationship between embodiment and memory in the African diaspora, examining structures of retention found in New World cultures


PhD in Gender Studies from the University of Warwick.


2008 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow