Sello HatangSello Hatang

South Africa


Occupational Information

Occupation: Civic Leadership

Occupational Position: Chief Executive at the Nelson Mandela Foundation

Professional History

Previously Sello was the Head of Information Communications and spokesperson for the South African Human Rights Commission. Sello participated in the post-1994 transformation of the National Archives, including providing archival support for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and is a former Director of the South African History Archive (SAHA) at Wits University. Sello serves on the boards of SAHA and the Open Democracy Advice Centre and is a founding member and member of the Advisory Council of the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC). He is also a member of the editorial team for Nelson Mandela.

He has been recognised for his leadership by being given the Keys to Florence, Italy, and the city of Buenos Aires has given him an honorary diploma and declared him a rare Guest of Honor status. Because of his stature, he was able to secure American President Barack Obama to deliver the 16th Mandela Annual lecture.


2014 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow

Featured News

Charles Sidambe
20 March 2020

2007 Fellow and Medical Scientist, Tariro Makadzange has been appointed as board member at Population Services International (PSI).

Tariro is a highly-qualified medical scientist, doctor and infectious diseases physician scientist who has degrees from Zimbabwe, Harvard and Oxford Universities and is a senior manager at the global biotechnology research multinational, Gilead Sciences.  She told AFLI that she had PSI had confirmed her appointment in January.

Charles Sidambe
17 March 2020

2018 Fellow Edzai Zvobwo has been featured in the AUDA-NEPAD Comic Series as one of the Agenda 2063 Champions. Edzai is the Founder of the MathsGenius Leadership Institute and has been a keen proponent of empowering Africans through mathematics and problem-solving techniques.

He is a maths evangelist to young people and it was this focus that led him to be selected for the comic series. The comic is based on the five youth champions who were recognised by AUDA-NEPAD for their entrepreneurial actions, resilience and activities.

Charles Sidambe
10 March 2020

Fast Company has named its top 10 most innovative companies in Africa for 2020, and 2010 Fellow Bright Simons’ company, mPedigree, was listed at number two for its innovative idea of using SMS text messages to root out fake prescriptions.

mPedigree works with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to reduce the prevalence of counterfeit medicines being sold.  It also uses similar technology for traceability of seeds and other agricultural products within Africa.

Charles Sidambe
04 March 2020

2019 Fellow Issam Chleuh, has been appointed as Mastercard Advisors, Director of West Africa (English and French speaking).

Issam is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Suguba, a regional platform with a focus on enterprise development for “missing middle" entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs led by youth and women. He co-founded Suguba with another Tutu Fellow, Fayelle Ouane, from the Class of 2017.

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