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Note to our form Beta Testers

Thank you for helping AFLI test this form. We are trying to discover negative user experiences and technical issues before we share the news about the directory more broadly. We have tested the form internally, but won't know if there are issues we didn't find and fix. The directory of Youth Organisations, when fully operational, will help many people discover the good work they are doing. 

For our beta testers, if you experience any problems, please let us know what they are.  Send an email with a description to info@integratedmediastrategies.com and please include:

  • The hardware you were using - Samsung Note 7, laptop, desktop
  • The operating system of the hardware you were using (Windows 10, OSX, Android, etc.)
  • The browser you were using (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.)
  • The version of the browser e.g. Firefox 67.0.1 or Chrome 74.0.3729.169. You can usually find it in settings at the top of the browser.

Detail is good; it'll help us try to replicate your issue.

Thanks, Norman Smit, for the African Leadership Institute.

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Upload the organisation logo. Files allowed: jpeg, png, gif. Note that should you have any difficulties with any other fields when you submit, you will need to correct that field and then re-upload the logo before submitting the form again.
Reminder - add country code when filling out the form
Explanation of what the need is that you are meeting, what you are doing, and long-term goals. No hyperlinks. Links can be added below.
(e.g. in the last 2 years, we have equipped 2000 girls with digital skills)
(if it differs from that of the Founder)

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